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Terms & Booking

Payment Terms & Booking

I must first agree to work on the project, and we must both agree to the project scope, terms, and project end date.*

  • My primary payment method is PayPal.
    • Hourly overage fee: $30/hr
    • Deposit: I require a 50% upfront deposit. I will absorb any PayPal fees. Established clients may wire a deposit to my business checking account, or send me a check.
    • Corporate clients / specialized billing:  Large clients with special billing requirements may be able to make alternate invoice and payment arrangements.
    • W9s: I am happy to provide a W9 form once full payment for our first project is received.

I will then send you an invoice that also serves as a “Statement of Work” (SOW). Your submission of the 50% deposit account at that time serves as agreement to the rate(s) quoted, the services to be provided, and the terms for payment on the remainder of your invoice. If you are using an alternate payment method, your email confirmation to the SOW I send you confirms the same.

    • For shorter projects (shorter than 5 minutes), two “re-do’s” or are included. Revisions after this will be billed for additional time spent at the hourly overage rate.
    • For longer projects (longer than 5 minutes) we’ll record a short sample of your script in advance to confirm direction and quality, before I begin recording the project. For post-production changes:
      • Two revision rounds are included in post-production for sound quality issues and correctness of the recorded script.
      • Any creative direction change made in post-production will be billed for additional time spent at the hourly overage rate.
  • PAYMENT LATE FEE: Payment is due within 14 days of final project delivery from me to you, barring any changes you’d like to make. Once all is finalized and you’ve confirmed the project is done, if I do not receive payment within 14 days, I will invoice you on the first of the month following that end/due date for an additional 2% late fee. The late fee will be your unpaid balance on that date + 2% interest, and will accrue monthly until the remainder balance is paid.
  • *PROJECT END DATE: This helps set expectations so all are happy. We’ll agree on the project end-date together, and if there are extenuating circumstances, we can talk about adjusting the date on either side via email.


Get Started

  1. Please be sure to review the payment and project terms above. Submission of the form assumes you read the above and understand it. Submission of your initial deposit means that you have also agreed to the above terms.
  2. Next, fill out the form below.
  3. I’ll get back to you promptly with any questions / next steps!


* Items with an asterisk are required. I will request this information if it’s not included in your query.



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