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I generally need to see your query and discuss the scope of your project to provide a specific answer here. The rate sheet on Voices.com (where I have a listing) works as a ballpark figure. In this case, I’ll be acting talent, but I’ll also be my own sound engineer, editing the audio files and recording them and revising them until you’re happy. This can involve several hours of work!

I then hand off a VO file to you, which you will incorporate into your project. Here are some additional ballpark figures. I have the discretion to offer a different rate from what is posted here.

The length of your project, and its audience (usage of the content) impact pricing. I always aim to come in under your budget to give you value for your money.

  • Commercials: See Voices.com rate sheet
  • Industry projects over 3 minutes: See Voices.com rate sheet. Needs can vary widely, but generally word count and audience drive this. Submit your query and budget so we can find what works for you!
  • Product demos / company overviews / instructional videos up to 3 minutes: ~$400
  • Audiobooks (fiction / non-fiction):
    • Short story (< 10K words): ~$400
    • Novelette (10K – 20K words): ~$700
    • Novella (20k to 40K): ~$1000
    • Novel (40-80K words): ~$1400
    • Longer novel (80-120K words): ~$1700