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My sound

My voice has a 3-octave range that offers flexible emotional range, from teen to middle-aged.

Myriam_253I can also speak fairly fast when needed to squish legalese into the tight end of your promo.

Type: ¬†Warm, and youthful leaning toward the “friendly young mom,” teen girl, or “flirty lady next door.” I’ve also been used often for the “friendly, laid-back, young tech employee” sound, confident business professional, and approachable service-oriented, sound.

Accents:I’m skilled with some accents, including Filipino (Tagalog), Latina, UK, Urban, and Southern US.


I’ve been doing professional VO since 2003 and am currently represented by Joan Spangler of Look Talent. I’ve been featured in commercials, professional training presentations, product demos, educational materials, audiobooks, and phone answering system recordings. My client list includes Google / Google+, MySpace, Hudson Publishing, HVS Marketing, Frontier Networks, and more. Use the menu on the left to learn more!