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The Album: Miriam Wynn

Self-titled “Miriam Wynn” introduces a hip and sexy mix of Top 40 pop and hiphop/R&B, with a playful hint of latin jazz and a pinch of diva soul. Like the new multicultural face of the millenium, this artist stomps on the musical “Other” box to give you a head-bobbing good time. “DJ Mix It” and “Sweat To You” are naughty and high energy club songs with attitude. Try “Into the Arms” and “I Carry You” for a sound reminiscent of Janet Jackson, and “Trust Me” for an earnest, light-hearted love song about forgiveness. “Urban Tango” and “Affair Guitar” take you into an intense land of longing and betrayal, while “Wait For It” and “Work Me” linger like smokey and sensual fingertips across the nape of your neck. Be sure to listen to those two with the lights low and the candles lit for the full effect. “I Want To Be The One” is an earnest, raw ballad of simple melody with a powerful message that stays with you long after the last note plays.

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You can buy the entire album digitally or in CD format, and you can by digital MP3 singles, too!

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My Musical Performances

Music Video: Wait For It, single from the album “Miriam Wynn”

The first official music video single release from Miriam Wynn’s self-titled debut album! A  jazzy, latin-tinged number with smoky sensuality, clever lyrics, and a broody film noire aesthetic, not to be missed!

Miriam Wynn sings Nat King Cole’s “Unforgettable”

Performing at a close friend’s wedding. [ WARNING: You can hear me fairly well, but the overall audio recording quality is poor.  Turn down your speakers before pressing Play.]


“Wait For It” Making-Of Video Interview