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Diva Moment

My Music

I was singing at the top of my lungs and dancing around to Madonna from 6 years old. Yes, a little craycray. Especially when I forced my Dad to participate in helping me build a white lacy outfit for the talent show at 8 years old. More recently, I’ve started taking lessons from an Opera teacher to get a better handle on this voicebox.

Here and there I perform live for fun or special events. I look forward to more professional performances I can share, and of course, working hard to earn fans! Music will always be one of my first loves. And one day, I’m going to make another album – all jazz! – and see where that takes me.

My Album

I also knew I always wanted to make an album, so I did, just to put some feelings to music and say I did it. This was a labor of love, recorded in 3 months with a bit of straggling due to a broken foot, and the folks I was working with being based in LA, while I was based in the Bay Area.

It’s meant to show “all the sides” of me, and doesn’t fit specifically with one genre. It’s pop, latin, R&B, and dance. I was executive producer, managing people, contracts, negotiations, and finance. I was also creative director for the whole thing from packaging and design for all song concepts, melodies, arrangements, and lyrics. It was an awesome learning experience, and a ton of work. I’m proud of it!

You can listen to my album on the “Listen” page in the left-hand menu. You can buy the entire album digitally or in CD format, and you can buy digital MP3 singles, too!

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