Rates & Services

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Terms and Booking

  • We must both agree to the project scope, terms, and project end date.
  • New clients are expected to pay a 50% upfront deposit. I am happy to provide a W9 form once full payment for your project is received. I will absorb any fees, which is included in my pricing.

Established clients have the additional option to wire a deposit to my business checking account, or send me a check. I will not begin work until the check is cashed successfully, so please keep the time delay for mailing / deposit in mind with the project end date discussed below.

  • I will then send you an invoice that also serves as a “Statement of Work” (SOW). Your submission of the 50% deposit to my PayPal account at that time serves as agreement to the rate(s) quoted, the services to be provided, and the terms for payment on the remainder of your invoice.
  • You agree that expanded project scope hours spent by me on your project will be paid via additional billable hours at a rate we both agree to within the original SOW terms. (That is, if I agree to a project with you for a flat fee, then you change the project significantly requiring me to work on the project for additional hours beyond the original value of that flat fee, you will pay an additional per-hour fee for that time.)
  • Upon agreement on both ends that the project is complete, and you are happy with the result, you agree to submit the remainder payment due for your project to me within 14 days.
  • PAYMENT PENALTIES: If your project  is complete but I do not receive payment within 14 days, I will invoice you on the first of the month following that end/due date for an additional 2% late fee. The late fee will be your unpaid balance on that date + 2% interest on that remainder. I will continue to invoice you monthly until the balance is paid.

Get Started

  1. Please be sure to review the payment and project terms above. Submission of the form assumes you read the above and understand it. Submission of your initial deposit means that you have also agreed to the above terms.
  2. Next, fill out the form below.
  3. I’ll get back to you promptly with any questions / next steps!


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