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Copywriting / editing / content strategy / content management

My average rate is $150/hour. I’ll be able to provide an official estimate after a sync and discussion about your needs.

My rate does shift depending on the type of editing, tasks, and the scope of work you need. For example, large projects may have a lower rate if we meet a minimum number of work hours. Projects where you provide me with a pre-written draft from your team will have a lower rate, since the level of effort I provide is less. Timing can also impact projects – if your project is small and easy and you want it within 24 hours, the average rate might still apply. But if you need content from scratch, require a lot of project coordination, and the list of deliverables is long with a tight turn-around time, the rate goes up. 🙂

All things you don’t need to worry about — there are a lot of signals that go into an estimate. Your best bet is to reach out and have a chat! Here are some examples of content I can help you whip into shape:

  • White papers, case studies, one-sheeters, marketing messages
  • Resumes, speeches, <5 min scripts, websites
  • Content and marketing strategy.
  • Key messaging / style guides / defining your voice

Longer Content Review Rates

For longer literature (short stories, novellas, novels, biographies, non-fiction):  Pricing depends on length. See rates below.

  • Line editing – $50/hour (40,000 words ~ 8 hours): Focus on grammar and punctuation, styling, and inconsistencies. Excludes the structure of the book, voice, and tone.
  • Full developmental edit – $75/hour (40,000 words ~ 13 hours): Includes line editing (above). Also includes editing for structure, tone/voice, plot/setting, and character development. This includes (via email) in-depth feedback on the work’s strengths and weaknesses, and any relevant suggestions for restructuring your content. This includes changes to story/structure/character/voice based on your goals and audience.  This excludes proactive fact-checking.

Projects are often not black and white, since the world isn’t either. After reviewing the above if you’re not sure where your project fits in and you’d like to negotiate a rate, reach out to me anyway. We’re likely to come up with something that works for both of us!