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About Moi

The formative years

I was born in Northern California to a Filipino mom and African-American dad. Dad raised me as a single parent. He had the wanderlust, and ended up moving us to Singapore for 6 years, and South Korea for 3. In Singapore, wee Miriam loved reading and helping others with their writing homework. Yes, I was a total nerd. I stayed that way through high school in Korea, where everybody competed over who had higher GPAs and more AP classes. Ahh, if only that happened more with kids today.

Stanford and GooglePhoto of Miriam Wynn

I was deciding between International Business at the American University of Paris and English / Creative Writing at a University of California School when lo and behold the acceptance letter from Stanford University came in. It was expensive, but we made it work. After a brief job at a startup, I got an entry level job at Google. Google empowered me to see and do amazing things. I discovered new talents, interests, friends, and countries, and learned how to run a business. Business operations were something I never expected to learn outside of that Business degree I never got, but, whaddya know, I found a way to be a writer and a business-woman. FTW!

Eventually, it was time to be my own boss. I created MMW Creative Group, Inc. so I could scale and eventually realize all my childhood plans for World Domination. 🙂

I like long walks in the park …

Alrighty, a little social stuff, to see if you’d like to date — err, I mean, book me. I love karaoke. I have produced and written my own album. I’ve been published as an author and write and publish romance fiction under a pseudonym.  I was once a Girl Scout. I play video games. I love travel, trying to speak French, interior design, and bossa nova. I find strong black tea (assam) with cream and sugar delightful, and prefer cats over dogs.  I am a spa fiend. My favorite Italian pasta type is gnocchi, and my favorite noodle dish in the world is char kway teoh. And I can cross my eyes and roll my tongue.

The Creative Resume

  • Editorial project work for the Google marketing teams, and Stanford University’s Continuing Studies Program. See the Editorial page to learn more.
  • Voiceover work for MySpace, Hudson Audio Publishing, Frontier Networks, Google AdWords / Google+/ Google Docs, educational programs, online games, and web product videos. See the Voiceover page to learn more.

The Corporate Resume

You can also check out my full resume by clicking the LinkedIn button at the top of the page.


  • HARD:  Editorial project management, global product communications strategy, cross-functional team coordination, online advertising and sales, customer support, acting and voiceover, creative writing, product marketing, website design and development
  • SOFT:  Diversity initiatives and sensitivity, career and talent development, social networking, relationship management, negotiation, problem solving, motivation/coaching
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Work Experience

  • Google Studio Director – WordSmithie / August 2012 – Present (3 months) San Jose, CA
    Editorial business operations, workflow, process, and scaling. Manage incoming Google client intake and product assignments for Wordsmithie editorial team, with some editorial support and client content strategy.
  • CEO / Founder – MMW Creative Group, Inc. / May 2008 – Present (4 years 6 months) San Francisco Bay Area
    Creative writing, songwriting, and voiceover.
  • Sr. Ads Product Editor  – YouTube / January 2009 – August 2012 (3 years 8 months)
    As part of the core product team, executed key communications strategy at a global level for highly complex online software product releases with frequent, iterative deadlines. Original cross-product editor for the first AdWords/YouTube monetization product, “Promoted Videos.” Supported it through it’s various growth into overlap with other legacy AW formats into the AdWords for Video platform.
  • Sr. Ads Product Editor / Editorial Program Manager – Google / March 2003 – August 2012 (9 years 6 months) San Francisco Bay Area
    For 10 years (2002-2012), I was a senior communications and program manager lead in the online ads technology sector. I drove quality product development and user communications strategy based on key business goals and customer usability. I also efficiently and reliably executed this strategy globally for complex online software product releases with frequent, iterative deadlines, namely for AdWords and YouTube. Strong cross-functional team experience: UI, webteam, front/backend engineers, support, and product marketing. Focus on local market content, ads and sales support, rich/display ads products, networks, and core ad serving.
  • Sr. AdWords Coordinator (Customer Rep) – Google / April 2002 – March 2003 (1 year) Mountain View, CA
    Original ~30 person AdWords support team member for initial Google self-managed ads product offering under Sheryl Sandberg / Emily White.
  • Instructional Writer – Iconceptual, Inc / March 2001 – March 2002 (1 year 1 month) San Francisco Bay Area

Post-Bachelors’ Education

  • ProTools Music Production Operator (All)
  • ProTools Mixing Fundamentals
  • Drama / Improv x4 (Stanford)
  • Screenwriting – Robert McKee’s Story Seminar
  • Writing for the Movies: Beginning Screenwriting (Stanford Creative Writing (EGL 257 W – Stanford)
  • Public Speaking (COM 01 – Stanford)
  • Memoir Writing: A Million Little Truths (EGL 271 W – Stanford)
  • Opera – Vocal Technique (ongoing) (Mete Tasin)


  • Stanford University / BA, English (Creative Writing), Art History (Film Studies) / 1997 – 2001
  • Seoul American High School   / 1994 – 1997
  • Singapore American School / 1985 – 1991